Myers' Second Adopted Son

Sajan Myers who became Sage Christensen

From the article, Christensen Takes Stand, Admits Stabbing:

Myers, Christensen testified, would frequently make him stay in a closet while visitors came to their home, first in Denver and later in Amherst, where Myers was principal of the high school until questions emerged about inappropriate conduct with students.

Christensen has not previously disclosed any sexual abuse by Myers. But yesterday he told jurors that once, while taking a bath, Myers touched him. “I didn’t realize until I got older, but while I was taking a bath, I remember this one incident where he was kind of helping me out, kind of cleaning my body.”

“Was he touching you?” asked Buso.

“Yeah ... everywhere,” Christensen responded.

From the Boston Magazine Article:

Sage, they were informed, had recently torn up every picture he had of Myers. “When he first moved in with us,” Jane tells me, “he made sure the doors were locked 24/7, even during the day…. He told us there was always the shadow of a man outside of his window.”

At times, Sage went to bed with a knife under his pillow. He had frequent nightmares, and woke his new parents in the middle of the night with his screaming in Russian. Sage’s parents say that he was generally outgoing and playful, but became quiet whenever the subject of Myers arose.

When Christensen took Sage to Niagara Falls, Sage, remembering that he’d been there with Myers, withdrew into an almost catatonic state and wouldn’t leave their hotel room. “Sage was terrified,” Christensen tells me. “He didn’t want to talk about anything.” Christensen believes there is something “that must have happened that we still don’t know about.”