WARNING: Please use caution in reading the following material as it describes the experience of child sexual abuse and it could prove to be a trigger for some people, especially survivors of child sexual abuse. 


The following notes were written by the NEW PARENTS of the 4 YEAR-OLD BOY whom Steve Myers/Jackson was in the process of adopting when the boy was removed by Child Protective Services following the 1996 Santa Cruz Police Department Police Report. The notes were submitted by the new parents to police. SCPD did not arrest or charge Myers/Jackson, because, according to Myers, District Attorney Art Danner, friend of Myers at the time, put a stop to the investigation. 

Text of the notes follow each photo.


Early in May XXXX asked me to "lick my butt". I assumed he was just being rude - mischievous But that he said lick, bothered me. A few days later he offered to pee on me. Again I thought it was just due to his day care upbringing.

            [In margin]  He was in the bathroom having just peed.       

            A couple of days after that he asked me to lick his penis He said "lick my pp I like it". I asked him what? he very playfully said "lick my pp" So I asked "who played that game with you a big person or a little person?" He said "Not my Steve" So I talked with him, explaining that we don't play that game in our family. But I would play another game. After he got his pants up I could tickle him. He liked that idea.

             XXXX got in my bed. He said I love you. He started humping the bed next to me. "I'm bouncing on my pp" "Do it with me" I said "that's a silly game" Who plays that game with you?"

            XXXX responded "Steve played this in my bed. My waterbed. He came in my bed and played this with me." "Play with me."

            I told him I didn't want to, that we don't play that game in our family. I told him that I love him and I would give him hugs & kisses. So he asked for hugs and tickles.

            I hugged and tickled him.

            June 8

June 19

After XXXX bath, as he was getting dressed he started getting out of control. I talked with him to help him calm down. He was trying to shut me out - speaking gibberish, shaking his head. Then he started giving me hand gestures. He often flips me off, but this time showed me his index finger pointing downward. I asked him "what is that supposed to mean?" He just said "Steve show me this" I asked him again "But what are you trying to say to me when you do that?" He said "I not say nothing" Then he added Steve touched my privates". So I asked him "how?". He then made the same gesture. And immediately asked when we would go to grandma's and camping. - End of discussion.

June 25, 1996

            During dinner tonight XXXX said that he wanted to tell me about Steve. He talked about watching silly movies with naked boys. We asked if they were big boys or little boys. He said big boys like XXXX (age 11).

            He said they had a jumping game, a bouncing game and a car game. He jumped while showing us the jumping game. He said Steve was on top of him during the bouncing game. XXXX was getting very agitated while telling us all this but got less hyper and looked hurt when telling us this part. We asked if Steve hurt him. XXXX said that XXXX and Steve hurt his back and touched his lower back about his hip. He also said Steve poked his bottom. XXXX said that Steve licked his pp (penis).

            While I gave him a bath [illegible] he again told me that Steve licked his penis and pointed at it.


He then told me that "Steve's p.p. is like a stick. He motioned with his finger out I assumed he meant erect. That was what he was showing me. XXXX said his is not like a stick.

June 25 Eve

            XXXX wanted to talk with XXXX about Steve, so at dinner he announced "I have to tell you what Steve did."

            After dinner we talked with him. He wanted to tell XXXX about the movies. He also told XXXX that Steve touched his privates, tickle touched. We asked what games he played with Steve. He said a jumping game, a car game, a stairs game, and a bouncing game. So we asked what the jumping game was. He said he jumped and showed us how he can jump. He said Steve made his p.p. jump. So we asked "How can Steve do that". He showed us a hand movement for masturbation. He said "I can't make my p.p. jump.

            The car game he said was a game in the car. But he would not talk about it. He started to get very agitated at this time, some what withdrawn.

            The stairs game "Steve stepped on me and it hurt. I did not like the stairs game."

          The bouncing game XXXX showed me previously. XXXX said the silly boys played the bouncing game. We asked who else played the bouncing game. He said Steve. I asked "did Steve play the bouncing game next to you, on you, or by himself. He said "he played it on me." I asked him if he liked the game. He got very quiet and said "no, it hurt". He said Steve hurt his back. He said Steve pressed him hard like this pointing to his back about at the hip level. "Really hard". And he hurt me so hurting. I asked him by pressing on your back? He said "no he hurt my butt." We asked "How?" "He was poking my butt hard and into my butt hard" "like a stick". He was pushing on me yelling shut up shut up.

            We talked with him letting him know that no one would do that to him anymore. We talked about his privates are his. He asked if Steve would do that to him again. XXXX told him we would not let him. He was really relieved. He asked us to spank Steve for hurting him.

June 26 Eve

            XXXX and I talked about going to the police station. He wants to tell the policeman mommy about Steve He wants Steve to say he's sorry.

            There were several new revelations XXXX made. He said Steve had blood on him after the bouncing game. So I asked him where was the blood. XXXX stated that he was done talking about it. So I asked him if he would tell me later, or tell the policeman tomorrow.

            I asked him if he was done, he said no. He said "Steve did the bouncing game". So I asked him was there any other silly games Steve played. He said "the jumping game". So I asked him what was silly about the jumping game. He said "after Steve made his p.p. jump it made silly sounds, when he was making it jump it made silly sounds. And he had bubble potty". So I asked what is bubble potty. He said "the bubble potty got on me". I asked him where. He would not answer. So I asked what is bubbly potty. He said it's not potty. XXXX asked him is it a color. He pointed to XXXX shirt (lt. gray). He said "Steve's bubble pp look like Steve made lotion   (continued next page)

(continued from previous page)   out his p.p." XXXX was really agitated at this point and said he was done talking. He was very loud at this time. I said I'm done talking too! Then he said wait "I not done. I want to tell you about the car game". He starting talking fast and roaming the room. We could not believe how upset he was. First he stated "that Steve played the pouncing game in the car". Then he said "they had to go for a ride. And it really hurt in the car". Then he talked about the blue car and he got a blue car after the bouncing game, after Steve hurt him. The blue car was on the table.

            He also showed us how Steve hurt him. He pressed on XXXX back and on his chest. He showed XXXX how Steve hurt his butt. XXXX said "Steve put the long stick hurting thing in his butt". And "Steve was stepping on his neck and poking and sticking very hurting to his butt. And Steve hurt his p.p. He showed us a very forceful movement to his groin. Then he said "I'm done talking" but whenever we said okay lets be done he would offer one more bit of info "I just need to tell you 1 more thing". And if we asked for any more details he would get angry and say he was done.

            He said Steve got hurt. We asked who hurt Steve. He said "the other man. We asked   (continued next page)

(continued from previous page)   how the man hurt Steve. He said after "he saw Steve hurt me the man hurt Steve". We asked him if the man hurt XXXX he said "No he just hurt Steve". So we asked how did he hurt Steve, he would not tell us. Later he said "Steve got hurt like XXXX. The man hurt Steve the hurting like Steve hurt XXXX".

            I asked him what he wanted to tell XXXX. He said he'll tell her that Steve is being nice now. But he'll tell her what he needs to apologize for.

            6-27 a.m.

            XXXX said he wants to tell XXXX that Steve is being nice now. And he doesn't want to tell her that Steve played the bouncing game in the chair in his room.

            One thing that XXXX is saying off and on is that Steve has 2 houses. "And that the 'lights room' is in Steve's other house". He got hurt in the other house lots. He is very adamant that Steve has 2 houses. This is very important to him for us to know.


June 28

            XXXX stated "Steve can make the monster come. They are loud. He can make them come here too. Steve stay with me to keep the monsters away. In my light room, Steve stayed with me, we played games." XXXX keeps asking if we're going to see Steve. He asked me 3 times if we can go to Steves. When I said no he said good.

            XXXX also said he saw Steve hurt the other boy. The boy across the street. But he won't say any more. He keeps trying to talk about the man who hurt Steve and how that all happened. But he starts making these faces. And then stops talking.

June 29

            XXXX talked about Steve - and his bubble potty his pee lotion. He said he saw Steve hurt the boy across the street. He was trying to remember his name but could not.

            He also talked about the blood in his diaper at Steve's house and there was blood on his butt. He would not say anymore after that. He was totally out of control. It took at least 30 mins to calm him down.

            He said he's not going to tell the police because Steve's being nice now and he's never going to see him again.

June 30

            XXXX said today that Steve put the bubbles on his p.p. penis. So I asked "what bubbles". The bubbles Steve makes out of his p.p. He makes it jump and it makes bubble p.p.

            Later he showed me a car and said Steve gave it to him. He said he played cars with Steve. Asked him if he had fun he said he said I had to play the game and Steve gave this to him. Then he said Steve's nice now.

July 1

            XXXX showed me an orange car. He said Steve gave it to him. I said that was nice. He said "No, he's nice now." He said "after the bouncing game Steve gave me cars." He gave him that one. Then he put it away and played with the others.


            XXXX asked me to talk with him. He said Steve is nice now and he asked me to talk to the policeman about Steve. I asked him who he would   (continued on next page)

(continued from previous page)   talk with later. He said he'd talk to XXXX another day. So I tried to change the subject. He kept returning to Steve and wanting to tell me "about something Steve did". So I encouraged him to tell me. He started rocking, he rocked for several minutes. Then he said he had to exercise. XXXX has never said or done that yet. He did sit ups for several minutes. Then he said Steve does those these. He did leg lifts. And then he told me his feelings are hurt talking about it. He yelled I'm not going to talk about the other thing. I reassured him he didn't have to. Then he told me it's OK Steve's allowed to tickle his butt. And later he told me Steve's allowed to tickle his p.p.