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“FORMER BAD BUSINESS PARTNERS” - Jackson has reportedly told school administrators that “former bad business partners” are responsible for the online depiction of him as a child molester. If you are unsure of the validity of information on this website please contact investigative reporters who, following extensive research, interviews and fact checking, wrote articles about Jackson’s crimes, including Chris Vogel, Editor in Chief at Boston Magazine; Michael Todd, Investigative Reporter at Santa Cruz Sentinel; and Grant Stringer, Staff Writer at Sentinel Colorado.

Update: August, 2019 - Two new reports of child sexual abuse against male students perpetrated by Myers/Jackson in Santa Cruz, 1990’s.

Update: March, 2019 - A complaint was filed with Denver P.D. when Jackson, while working at a Barnes & Noble on Colorado Blvd., solicited the family of a minor boy (12-13 y/o) to hire that boy for photographic modeling.

Update: Nov. 2018 - Jackson was dismissed from Quality Schools International in Astana, Kazakhstan following a male student’s complaint of unwanted physical contact, and other male students reported being coerced to undress in front of him. The crimes occurred on a school field trip, during an overnight train ride to a soccer tournament, which Jackson was chaperoning. News article here. See timeline here.

Update: COLORADO TEACHING CREDENTIAL DENIED: Colorado Dept. of Education website: “He [Jackson] also engaged in unethical behavior in violation of [codes], in that he, although not convicted, committed inappropriate sexual contact and conduct with both student and non-student juveniles.” See public document here.


TWENTY-THREE men and boys say their lives were disrupted by unwanted or abusive sexual experiences by Steve Myers, also known as Steve Jackson, when they were boys. 

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Allegations span 50 years (1968-2018) and include sexual misconduct, molestation, rape, false imprisonment, sexual assault, sexually suggestive and sexually explicit photography, and participation in on-line child sexual abuse (child pornography). (See Timeline here)

Confession: Myers told police detectives that he molested underage boys and was sexually attracted to boys age 14-16. Santa Cruz Police (then) Sergeant Clark said to a reporter, "We had enough information that he was indeed molesting boys," Clark said, "but we didn't have enough information to take it to court". See article. (See news article excerpts from 1996 Police Report here.)

Why is he not in prison? Police say it's due to statutes of limitations, jurisdictional issues, and inability of some victims to press charges. (See 2018 Santa Cruz Sentinel article.) In 2012, as his crimes began to gain publicity and survivors were gathering together seeking justice he changed his name (in Arizona) to “Stephen Swarup Jackson”.

MOVING AROUND: He has taught at more than 17 schools in five countries, and three U.S. states. He is able to gain admiration and respect quite quickly from students, colleagues, and school administrators. In addition, after an incident occurs, schools quietly send Myers/Jackson on his way, often giving him a positive referral, putting their own reputation above the safety of children.

NAME CHANGE & ALIASES: At least 8 aliases are tied to his SS#. Legal name change and aliases here.

Three boys in this photo later reported child sexual abuse by Myers/Jackson who is standing at far right.  Traveling School Summer Bicycle Tour 1978

Three boys in this photo later reported child sexual abuse by Myers/Jackson who is standing at far right.

Traveling School Summer Bicycle Tour 1978

We are a SUPPORT GROUP, consisting of former colleagues, students, and survivors of his sexual abuse, and we are committed to doing what we can to:

  • stop further abuse by Myers/Jackson

  • provide a loving and supportive community, and help in healing, to those harmed

  • hold Myers/Jackson accountable for his crimes against children

  • encourage schools to adopt thorough hiring and firing practices to prevent educators with multiple allegations of child sexual abuse from working with children. PLEASE GOOGLE-SEARCH YOUR TEACHERS’ NAMES! And to encourage schools to STOP giving positive referrals to educators like Jackson.


 Interest in Jackson and his crimes is robust, as evidenced by nearly 9,000 visits to this website in the last 10 months (Nov. 2018-August 2019).

If you have questions, comments, or information, past or present, please CONTACT US

UPDATE DECEMBER 2018: We are extremely saddened by the loss of our dear friend, and one of Jackson’s victims, (name withheld for privacy) who died from complications from substance abuse. He was a courageous hero in our pursuit of justice and will be deeply missed.