Colorado to California to Indonesia to California to Colorado to California to Colorado to Massachusetts to Colorado to South Africa to Colorado to England to California to Colorado to England to Colorado to China to Kazakhstan

1945 - 1972  colorado, california, indonesia

1945  Born in Denver, CO

1967  Receives Degree from University of Colorado.

1968- 1969  Teacher at Cutler Elementary School, Cutler, CA. One boy later reports sexual abuse at age 11.

1969-1971   Indonesia

1972 - 1978  mountain view, CALIFORNIA

Teacher and Vice Principal at Crittenden Middle School, Mountain View, CA. Four boys later report sexual abuse, and one boy alleges attempted sexual abuse. 

Myers starts the Traveling School Summer Program. Two boys later report sexual abuse.

Myers becomes a foster father; his foster son #1 later reports sexual abuse. 

1978 - 1981  carbondale, COLORADO

Principal of Carbondale Middle School, Carbondale, CO. 

Myers becomes a foster father to student; foster son #2 later reports sexual abuse(Read: 1996 Police Report)

1981 - 1999  santa cruz, CALIFORNIA

1981Principal at Branciforte Junior High School, Santa Cruz, CA

Assistant Principal at Soquel High School, Santa Cruz, CA 

1984-1990 - Traveling School becomes part of the Santa Cruz City School District. Myers is Director and Teacher. One boy later reports sexual abuse at age 12.

1990-1999 - Traveling School is cut from the public school system. Myers receives a donation to help fund a private Traveling School, which then becomes Global Youth Academy (GYA). Two boys later report sexual abuse.

1994 - Parents file a  Police Report with Santa Cruz P.D. Complaints include photos of nearly-nude boys taken by Myers and used in school workbooks, wrestling with a boy in a g-string, having boys sit on his lap, and spending long periods of time with boys behind closed doors, or in his tent. An investigation ensues; no charges are filed. (1994 Police Report) In addition, a photo-developing shop reports to police about the photos of the nearly-nude boys. 

1995 - Myers begins adopting a 4 year-old boy from a Romanian orphanage. This boy later reports sexual abuse. 

1996 - Police Report filed by a man concerned for the welfare of the young boy whom Myers is attempting to adopt. The man reports sexual abuse, and his knowledge another student victim. During the police interview, Myers admits to these allegations, and also states he had an attraction to 14 to 16 year-old boys.

An investigation ensues and evidence indicates the possibility of 60 victims. The District Attorney, Art Danner, orders the investigation stopped. No charges are filed. (Read: 1996 Police Report)

The Romanian boy is removed from Myers' custody pending the investigation. CPS takes custody, and the boy is adopted by a new family. 

The boy reports to new parents multiple occurrences of sexual abuse by Myers including sex games; rape and oral sex; and the watching of, and production of, child pornography. The boy reported these occurrences happened sometimes in the presence of another male adult. The parents report this information to police. Approximately eight months pass before SCPD asks to interview the boy, and by this time, the family has relocated to the east coast for employment. S.C.P.D. does not bring charges against Myers. 

1999 - Global Youth Academy closes, reportedly due to financial reasons. 

1999 - 2001  Denver, COLORADO

Principal at PS1 Charter School in Denver, CO. Several boys complain about sexual misconduct by Myers. Despite concerns by colleagues, the executive director allows Myers to finish out the school year. (Read WestWord article here)

Myers adopts 7 year-old Ukranian boy. The boy later testifies in an unrelated criminal trial of an incident of unwanted and abusive sexual contact by Myers. 

2001 - 2002  amherst, MASSACHUSETTS

Principal at Amherst Regional High School. A boy complains about sexual misconduct by Myers. Myers resigns. . (Read Daily Hampshire Gazette article here)

Myers' second adopted son is removed pending investigation, and is eventually removed permanently. 

2002 - 2003  Denver, COLORADO

Substitute Teacher at various schools in the Denver area.  (Read more here)

2003 - 2005  cape town, SOUTH AFRICA

Teacher at school(s) in Cape Town, South Africa, possibly using the name "Steve Swarup". (Read more here on Topix blog, posts 3 and 4)

2005 - 2009  DOUGLAS county, COLORADO

 Teacher at school(s) in Colorado, in or near Denver, possibly at Mountain Vista school in Highlands Park. 

2009 - 2011  london, ENGLAND

Teacher at Knight's Academy, run by Haberdashers' Aske's Federation - Bromley, South London, England 

2011 - 2012  menlo park, CALIFORNIA

Teacher at Mid-Peninsula High School, a private school in Menlo Park, CA

January 2012 - The school receives information about Myers' history; Principal speaks with former victims. Myers leaves the school. (Read more here)

A Police report is filed with the Mountain View, CA Police Dept. against Myers for abuse that occurred in 1979

A Police report filed with the Mariposa County, CA Sheriff's Dept. for abuse that occurred in 1974

2012  prescott, ARIZONA

Myers petitions court for (and is granted) legal name change to Stephen Swarup Jackson. (See document here)

2012 - Jan 2017  DENVER, COLORADO

Teacher at a private all-boys boarding school, Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Denver, using the name "Stephen Jackson". In January, 2017, Yeshiva Toras Chaim receives information about Jackson's history and Jackson's employment ends. 

june - sept 2017  essex county, england

Teacher of 11-13 year olds at Tendring Technology College, Frinton-On- Sea, Essex County, England under the name Stephen Swarup Jackson. CPS notified the school of Jackson's history and his employment ended. The school also filed a complaint against Jackson with the National College for Teaching and Leadership (the U.K. equivalent of the U.S.'s Department of Education). 



Teacher at Quality Schools International. Apparently his visa ran out (or maybe there was an incident?) and Jackson was transferred to QSI in Astana, Kazakhstan.

august 2018 - november 2018 ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN

Teacher at Quality Schools International. A boy reported unwanted, inappropriate, and uncomfortable physical contact by Jackson. His employment was terminated. Kazakhstan officials investigated the incident.

november 2018 TO present - in or near denver, colorado, possibly aurora

MARCH 2019 - Was recently, and/or possibly still is, employed at Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Colorado Blvd. in Glendale, a suburb of Denver, CO.